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New Carbon Labels are coming: How will they affect marketers?

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New Carbon Labels are coming: How will they affect marketers?
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The consumer’s pressure on knowing the carbon footprint of a product is getting stronger by the day. Big producers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are noticing the trend, and they want to get on with it.
But is there a sure way to measure it? By now, we know how to safely measure the emission related to a product a company produces.
But what about measuring the carbon footprint of the supply chain involved (also called Scope 3 emissions)?
When we look at significant multinationals, it isn’t easy to untangle the web of suppliers from all over the world and pinpoint where the various components have been produced and under which safety standard.
As the carbon emission standard was a big moment for the car industry (leading to the infamous VW scandal), pushing the entire car manufacturing to start to be more climate-friendly, we can argue the same process will also happen in other industries. Some people believe it will happen everywhere, via the supply-chain pressure from big producers.
According to Bloomberg, the big companies leading the “net-zero” pledge are technologies companies, Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Inc., and Facebook Inc. 
Alphabet Inc.‘s Google claims to have has already achieved the target, saying it’s been fully offsetting its emissions since 2007.
The other five companies in the Big 10, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Johnson & Johnson, Walmart Inc., Mastercard Inc. and Bank of America Corp., all pledge to fully offset their Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions (which come directly from their own operations), but not their Scope 3 emissions (those emitted by suppliers and users of their products).
According to the new regulation, we can foresee a near future where marketers from all walks of life will be soon producing Green Marketing Plans.
Stay tuned for the next issues where we will tackle the basics of Sustainable Marketing planning!

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